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Jess keating:

i have been thru hell and back with you. Why is it that you continue to lie to me. Tell me one thing when it is the total opposite and then claim " i was too scared to tell you"  fuck you Jess. Fess up to your actions and stop being a little baby about everything. Shit, I OD'ed 2 nights ago on oxycotin, i had enough in me to kill 2 people with no tolerance to drugs. and im sorry but i was like a different person, i felt like i was watching myself get fucked up, and its all because i couldnt take what you had done. i was seriously wondering what i was going to do between the two of us, you kept telling me you would kill to be with me. and you are so in love with me. How the fuck is somebody so in love with a person that they lie about hooking up with a kid and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie for 4 days straight and then you FINALLY fucking admit to it. After i had already asked earlier... what the fuck is your problem? i dont trust you. i lost all trust in you. you honestly... make me sick. this is the 2nd time you pulled this shit on me. You have cheated on me, you have lied to me, you have let your "best friend" break us up, you have let people harass me and threaten to kill me, and all you say is " im sorry" no your not dude.. if you were.. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. dont just sit around like a little pussy about everything. Im done..... im done with your bullshit, lies, games, tricks, and im done with the way you treat me.

sincerely yours:
Justin  (not "justinboo")
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what to dooo what to dooo 

what do i do when i have a girl that wants me like... WHOA.... and her name is aubree ann. and its a little weird? but i dont know i like hanging out with her... shes a cool girl. just a little obessive...

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everything is a big mess

im single
and its weird

i love you

.. im eating a nerd rope... its pretty damn good too
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>>>shits been mad weird lately. for one. i cant stand tiffany, i mean. yea shes my ex and everything, yea i love her to death. i mean 2 years is a long time yea? but i dont understand why we just cant fucking communicate. we try, but we end up talking about the new people in our lives and it pisses all of us off. well... maybe i should give up on that girl all together.
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what is life?

What are we doing here?

i have no idea what we play on earth
i had a talk with kendall about this the other day. We are people.. that are controlled by aliens. when they get sick of us... they kill us off.. hence why we cant do shit when we are old... they kill us off and shit. i mean. we play a role. we are born into poverty. we play the poverty role. we are born black. we play the black role. we are born hindu. we play the hindu role. etc.etc.

besides that. my band is going on tour. and its weird that its just a texas tour. we are playing ever city known to man in texas. from houston to san antonio to austin. and everywhere inbetween. dates arent for sure yet. and neither are venues.

i had the best 4/20 which was celebrated by 2 full days of WEED AND FUN WITH FRIENDS! especially last night with kiki and cup

have a nice weekend all <3
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its a cloudy thursday afternoon

and i give up on all that bullshit drama thats been happening
in the blink of an eye... i almost lost somebody i care about with my life and my heart and my soul.
i swear to god if there was no her in my life... i would be a lost cause

>>>all that shit with yesy is just giving me a fucking headache and making me think too fucking much about what COULD have prevented this..... her not listening to my x girlfriends lies? i think so calling me on one of the holyest nights of the year was completely uneccesary and she knew that

>>>on a lighter note... im dressed like a complete bum. in shorts falling down my ass and a orange like.. tball tshirt with a big ass hole in the stomech. and hey. ask me if i care? no i dont haha. today i am doing NOTHING except going to sunset to pick up some things and to the doctor WOOPDIDOOO

>>>tomorrow should be fun. a fun filled day with the shitheads that just appeared in my house yesterday morning as i was still in bed. and gettin mad CRUNKKK lmao. we will be at oasis pretty much all night so feel free to dip by :)

well. im going to go. because yea.. i just am so LATERRRR
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i know the people that mean the world to me. that keep me breathing and keep me striving to be a better person in my fucked up life

and they are: *in no order OF COURSE*

my roommates
helene-- my french goddessss haha
adriana guerrero oh gosh I HUMP HER <3

everybody else...have no impact on my life
but these people make me get out of bed in the morning
and this past week or so
has really made me realize who means the world to me
and who could give a shit about ME and they dont listen to people that i couldnt give a fuck about
and ruins relationships because they believe other peoples lies
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bring me down

I thought for once... just for once.. i would have somebody who could be there for me when i needed them.
i got it shoved back into my face

x's are the most alskjd;flaksjfd people in the world. especially once that fuck with your life. your head. your brain. your feelings. your emotions and almost cause you to kill yourself. yes im talking about tiffany. the biggest mistake of my life. has shoved 2 important people in my life... very far away from me.

thank you tiffany leanna cizerle. i will always remember you... as the ex girlfriend from hell. who lies about who they sleep with and when it happens. and then gets caught in their own lies. like when you told me you fucked cameron... while we were still dating.. but forgot that we had been together at the time... and basically.. made me hate you some more.

ill wait for the day i get to see your face, wake up with you sleeping in all of your beauty next to me <3
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